DIVOX June 2006/ Mexico City- USCLB Long Beach

Video interactive version San Franacisco 2007

DIVOX (2007)

An Acousmatic/sorround 3d piece for electronics for the Oasis Sonoro installation at the Bellas Artes concert hall esplanade in Mexico City curated by Francisca Rivero-Lake.

Sound artist included in the original piece included: Manuel Rocha Iturbide, Rogelio Sosa, Mario de Vega, Luz María Sánchez y Guillermo Galindo, Martyn Ware & Vince Clarke, The Illustrious Company and Chris Watson,  Ultra-red, d Radioqualia, Slavek Kwi,  Merzbow, and Maryanne Amacher.

A “live” interactive version of this piece was performed at Recombinant Labs in San Francisco by Guillermo Galindo and video artist Jen Cohen 2007.